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Jan 22 - Contemporary Global Issues is a Course

Jan 22 - Contemporary Global Issues

Ended 30 May 2022
4 credits

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Full course description


To foster a learner’s knowledge, understanding, and ability of the most pressing issues of our globalising world, from entrenched poverty and migration, to food and climate change, to new infectious diseases such as the COVID-19. It presents the agreements that the international community has reached to try to solve these main issues.



Assoc Professor Bruno Jetin

Bruno Jetin is Associate Professor at Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) where he is Director of the Institute of Asian Studies. Prior to joining UBB, he was researcher at the Institute for Research on Contemporary Southeast Asia (IRASEC, CNRS-MAEE, Bangkok) and Associate Professor at the University Sorbonne Paris Nord where he was Deputy Director and then Acting Director (2010-2012) of the Research Center in Economics. He holds a PhD in economics from the University of Sorbonne Paris Nord. His current research areas include ASEAN and the Belt and road Initiative, foreign investment and arbitration in Asia-Pacific, income distribution and growth. He is also an expert of the automobile industry and the electric car.





  Online forums will be used to support the scaffolding of knowledge, understanding and abilities. The teaching style will include video conferencing, discussion forums and activity based learning techniques. The focus of the teaching style will be determined through learning diagnostics, undertaken by students, which will identify learning styles needs. A cooperative learning framework is used as a means of supporting equity for both teaching and learning styles.


What you get

  • Population: Is the world too crowded?
  • Poverty: Is the world improving?
  • Migration Crisis, What can the United Nations and regional organisation do?
  • Food and hunger: Are Genetically Modified Food and factory farms the solution?
  • Global trade: Free trade or protectionism
  • Energy: are we heading towards a carbon-free world?
  • Climate change: is the Paris Agreement up to the challenge
  • The environment: are the Sustainable Development Goals on track
  • Biodiversity: why and how to protect it?
  • Pandemics: Global and local response to the Covid-19 crisis.
  • Industrial Revolution 4.0: what is the future of jobs?