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Aug 22 - Business and Management in the Digital Economy is a Course

Aug 22 - Business and Management in the Digital Economy

Aug 7, 2022 - Dec 30, 2022
5 credits

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Full course description


To introduce students to the principles that underpin core areas of business and management, and familiarize with all aspects of business operations and resource allocations in order to manage innovatively in the digital economy.



Asnawi Kamis


Online forums will be used to support the scaffolding of knowledge, understanding and abilities. The teaching style will include video conferencing, discussion forums and activity based learning techniques. The focus of the teaching style will be determined through learning diagnostics, undertaken by students, which will identify learning styles needs. A cooperative learning framework is used as a means of supporting equity for both teaching and learning styles.

Video Overview

What you get

  • Evolution of business environment and management thinking 
  • Corporate culture, ethics and managing in a global environment 
  • Entrepreneurship and small business management
  • Strategy formulation, implementation and decision-making 
  • Designing adaptive organisations, change and innovation 
  • Dynamics of behavior, leadership and motivation in organisations 
  • Organisational and workplace communication 
  • Innovative uses of teams 
  • Fundamentals of control and its changing philosophy 
  • Future trends and development