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Aug 19 - Project Management is a Course

Aug 19 - Project Management

Ended Dec 21, 2019
4 credits

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Full course description


This module provides students with an in-depth understanding of theoretical and practical knowledge on project management.


Dr Annie Dayani

Dr. Annie Dayani is a lecturer at the School of Business and Economics UBD since 2001. She graduated from UBD with a Bachelor of Business Administration. Under UBD study exchange program, she has also earned a Diploma in European Management Science from University Kent, Canterbury, UK. Her Masters degree is Applied Information Technology from Monash University Australia. In 2013, she completed her PhD in Communication Technology at University of Queensland, Australia. Research interest include business and management, information systems and e-government as well as knowledge management.

Dr Hazwani Suhaimi

Dr Hazwani obtained my BEng in Chemical Engineering and MSc in Advanced Chemical Engineering with IT and Management from Loughborough University where I worked on a project on storage and preservation of cells for cell-based therapies. This sparked an interest in me to embark on a PhD journey where I was awarded a PhD degree on the glucose diffusivity in tissue engineering membranes and scaffolds and its implications for hollow fibre membrane bioreactor at Loughborough University (2015). The project focused on the investigation of glucose diffusion coefficient in cell-free and cell-seeded tissue engineering membranes and scaffolds in cell culture medium as well as non-dimensionalisation mathematical modelling using both MATLAB and experimental data where prediction of glucose concentration profiles inside the bioreactor was made possible. This would help to effectively design the bioreactor for producing 3D bone tissues. Upon completion, I am appointed to a lectureship in January 2016 at Faculty of Integrated Technologies, Universiti Brunei Darussalam in Chemical and Process Engineering.

Dr Muhammad Saifullah bin Abu Bakar

Dr Muhammad Saifullah bin Abu Bakar has obtained his PhD in Chemical Engineering from Aston University in Birmingham, United Kingdom in 2014 with the thesis titled "Catalytic Intermediate Pyrolysis of Brunei Rice Husk for Bio-Oil Production". He graduated with a B.Eng (Hons) in Chemical Engineering in 2008, and an M.Sc in Chemical Process Technology with Polymer Processing in 2009 also from Aston University. Completed research projects include reactor design for the oxidative dehydrogenation of butenes to 1,3-butadiene, and power generation from sewage sludge via combustion or pyrolysis/gasification. His broad knowledge within the main disciplines in Chemical Engineering and current research studies affords him to work in a multidisciplinary setting. He has recently joined the Faculty of Integrated Technologies in Universiti Brunei Darussalam as a Lecturer where he is working on Chemical Engineering and System Engineering modules.



Online forums will be used to support the scaffolding of knowledge, understanding and abilities. The teaching style will include video conferencing, discussion forums and activity based learning techniques. The focus of the teaching style will be determined through learning diagnostics, undertaken by students, which will identify learning styles needs. A cooperative learning framework is used as a means of supporting equity for both teaching and learning styles.

Video Overview

What you get

  • recommend solutions to project management issues
  • compute, estimate and evaluate the costs involved for executing a project.
  • design, organise and manage projects utilising project management techniques. - work independently and in-group.
  • produce and communicate research outputs effectively..
  • identify and analyse problem in project management scenario.
  • review the role of organizational characteristics in view of project management tasks. 
  • compute and interpret analyses results of project management cases.