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Jan 19 - Interpersonal and Public Communication For the Workplace is a Course

Jan 19 - Interpersonal and Public Communication For the Workplace

Started Jan 20, 2019
4.0 credits

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Full course description


To introduce the basics of interpersonal and public communication, designed specifically for working professionals who are required to solve real communication issues that happen at the workplace. The module is split into three segments: 1) Communication theories, 2) Prosody, and 3) Kinesics. One of the more popular areas of Communication Studies is in the learning of body language (kinesics) and prosody (vocal studies), both of which will be dealt with in detail so that the student may be able to analytically read as well as use effective non-verbal communication during any negotiation or presentation.


Dr. Chris W. H. Woo is a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Arts and Social Science in the Universiti of Brunei Darussalam. He is nominated as the University's Branding Advisor in 2011 and the Steering Committee Member of the Teaching and Learning Centre in 2012. Dr. Chris Woo is also the Secretariat member and consultant for the Brunei Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports' Creative Industry sector. Since 2010, he has been providing consultancies to Brunei Ministries on public speaking and communication skills.

He has taught and lectured Communication Studies and Media for 7 years in Curtin and Murdoch University in Australia and then 2 years in the Republic Polytechnic in Singapore. He has been nominated for the Murdoch University’s Vice Chancellor’s Best Teaching Award in 2003. In Republic Polytechnic he was awarded the WOW! Award and the Best Mentor Award for the excellent guidance of students. Dr. Woo is trained in Problem-Based Learning and specialises in visual communication, embodiment philosophy and the art of reading texts through semiotics. In the year 2000 Dr. Woo opened his own theatre company called HYST?! Productions. He also produced professional performances as actor, director and writer for 8 years within the fringe theatre industry. From 2006-2008 Dr. Woo was also the Production Manager of Rogan Vogue, the largest children’s entertainment company in Western Australia. In his time in the children’s entertainment business, he managed the creative production of scripts, human resources and clients of the largest shopping centres in Perth.


Online forums will be used to support the scaffolding of knowledge, understanding and abilities. The teaching style will include video conferencing, discussion forums and activity based learning techniques. The focus of the teaching style will be determined through learning diagnostics, undertaken by students, which will identify learning styles needs. A cooperative learning framework is used as a means of supporting equity for both teaching and learning styles.


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What you get

  • Concepts and theories of Interpersonal and Public Communication for the workplace

  • Analysis of personal communication efficacy via journal assignments.

  • Explanation and application of concepts to communication case-studies and problem scenarios.

  • Concepts and application of kinesics and prosody for effective communication.