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Jan 22 - Trends in New Media: Principles and Practice is a Course

Jan 22 - Trends in New Media: Principles and Practice

Jan 9, 2022 - May 31, 2022
4 credits

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Developments in media are taking place all the time at a rapid pace and it is important that students on such a programme not only be kept abreast with such developments, but also learn to cope in general with continual change. This module aims to look at the latest developments in new media, i.e. areas like the Semantic Web, aggregating, social networking, but also video and multimedia trends. It will attempt to look at these areas from two points of view a) descriptive and b) theoretical, what changes are taking place and what their significance is. Students will also be expected to look at new media in such a way that they are specifically oriented to change and can cope with future changes. The module will also aim to sensitize students to the interactions between new media and the wider society and culture. Finally, the module will provide opportunities for students to create new media texts. 




Online forums will be used to support the scaffolding of knowledge, understanding and abilities. The teaching style will include video conferencing, discussion forums and activity based learning techniques. The focus of the teaching style will be determined through learning diagnostics, undertaken by students, which will identify learning styles needs. A cooperative learning framework is used as a means of supporting equity for both teaching and learning styles.

Video Overview

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What you get

This module will cover a number of different areas that are currently under focus in new media:

  • social media and social networking

  • niche networks

  • the impact of portability

  • online publishing

  • digital imaging and multimedia

  • convergence of social networking and mobility

  • media trends and the wider culture

  • effect of new media has on society (impact of social media, the decline of old


  • the rise of new cyber culture